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Enhance your teams and build synergy among the people in your teams and organizations

The Colored Brain Communications from Direct Communications International (DCI) is how we build and enhance teams.

Colored Brain Communications (CBCI)

Colored Brain Communications (CBCI)

It’s not behaviour or personality based. Its not about IQ. Its about how your brain perceives information that it gathers, and processes it,  to gain clarity to move into action. Awareness for your own and others’ processing allows you to be the best you, increase your circle of tolerance and maximize team potential through synergy.

What is Colored Brain?

The research by Arthur Carmazzi, founder of DCI identifies 4 unique ways that people’s brain process information – linear (red brain), intuitive (blue brain), relational (purple brain) and chaotic (green brain). Each colour has a unique way to form structures, conclusions, barriers and solutions.

How colored brain works

Each color takes action in accordance with their own system of achieving clarity.

Knowing this helps teams and leaders set others up for success. Distinctive issues that affect team performance and individual effectiveness can be identified and addressed, improving collaboration, synergy and efficiency.

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Purpose of the Culture of Accountability™ Process

To accelerate the transition to a Culture of Accountability where people at every level of the organization think and act in the manner necessary to achieve Key Organizational Results.

Change the Culture, Change the Game®

Building a Culture of Accountability focused on results doesn’t happen overnight. But it can happen as quickly as your organization embeds the required methodologies into their business processes and systems.

Our premise: culture produces results, but the right culture produces desired results. The results that organizations are getting today are produced by their current culture. For many companies these results are not the results that they had aimed to achieve. The Partners In Leadership Change Methodology helps leaders in achieving their desired results by creating a transformational change in their organizational culture, resulting in a Culture of Accountability.

Transformational Change

The Partners In Leadership Culture of Accountability™ process is a powerful approach to accelerating culture change. The result: performance improvement, better employee engagement, and more completely aligned organizational behaviour to sustain exceptional performance over time.

Strengthen focus. We partner with clients to strengthen and sustain focus on the Key Results they must deliver. Our proprietary Workplace Accountability Study studied thousands of organizations to find that fewer than 15% are focused enterprise-wide on achieving the results they most need—due to poorly defined or misunderstood objectives, shifting priorities, lack of alignment, and poor engagement.

Shift organizational culture. We will assess the culture you have (C1), help you define the culture you want (C2), and show you how and help you to accelerate a change in the way people think and act.

Facilitate leaders to model needed change. Senior leaders have a unique role in transformational change: They must provide cues about what really matters for everyone in the organization to follow. We help leaders make the transformation personal, role-model the change, openly engage others, and spotlight successes. We also help build commitment and alignment within the senior team.

Coach leaders on sustaining change. We coach leaders to create the right kind of experiences early in the change process so that they can affect the biases people hold and get people looking for the change they want. At the outset, it’s all about getting people to look for and recognize the evidence that supports the change effort—both in terms of why the change is important and the fact that the change is occurring. Human behaviour is generally predictable—we find what we look for.

There are four basic steps for implementing the process in your organization. These steps are customized to deliver the Partners In Leadership process and curriculum to quickly cascade the models, methodologies, and tools that accelerate culture change through every level in the organization and maximize the positive effect on achieving Key Organizational Results.

STEP 1: Develop the Cultural Beliefs Workshop

STEP 2: Present the Cultural Beliefs to Management

STEP 3: Present the Cultural Beliefs to all Employees

STEP 4: Ensure on-going Accountability and Sustainability

Download the culture transformation interview with Roger Connors to find out more about transforming your culture into a powerhouse resource.

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