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Leadership Builder™ Training (formerly Other Track™)

How Did That Happen?

Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Way


# 1 Leadership Book – The New York Times

# 1 Leadership Book – Wall Street Journal

# 1 Leadership Book – USA Today

# 1 Leadership Book – Publisher’s Weekly

Named the Best of 2009 Series

The Leadership Builder™ (formerly Others Track™) is a leadership development program that explores and demonstrates a proven ability to successfully establish and execute on Key Expectations—expectations where not delivering is not an option. Based on the New York Times bestselling leadership book, How Did That Happen?, this program provides individuals, managers, and senior leaders a proven methodology to follow that provides a positive, principled way of holding others accountable using the Accountability Sequence® model. Additionally, the solution provides managers and leaders the ability to troubleshoot scenarios in which a Key Expectation may fail to be delivered.

The central feature in this training is The Accountability Sequence model, which consists of two parts: the Outer Ring® and the Inner Ring.® The Outer Ring describes how to effectively establish the expectations that we hold others accountable to fulfill. The Inner Ring addresses how to manage unmet expectations in a way that will turnaround performance and help others achieve the result. The entire training concentrates on increasing both individual and organizational capability for fulfilling Key Expectations – where failure to deliver is not an option.

Do You Need To Improve In Holding Others Accountable?

Leadership development continues to be a major area of focus for organizations today. Through our work in the leadership space for nearly three decades, we found that one of the key challenges in developing tomorrow’s leaders or strengthening current ones, deals with the manner and method in which they hold others accountable.

There are two sides to the “Accountability Coin”: taking personal accountability and holding others accountable. Partners In Leadership’s popular The Taking Personal Accountability Track focuses on the first side, taking greater personal accountability for achieving Key Organizational results. With the Leadership Builder™ Training, they tackle the other side of the accountability coin, holding others accountable in a way that simultaneously produces results and builds morale.

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Workshop Description

We’ve created a process to evaluate an individual’s manner and designed a framework that any upcoming or existing leader can follow that helps to ensure that everyone is held accountable in the same way and facilitates the successful execution of Key Expectations.

The Leadership Builder™ Training Workshop consists of five training modules typically delivered in a one-day format. This content is delivered using a proven approach that accelerates implementation and sustained application by using several learning methodologies, including: interactive exercises, team application sessions, small and large group debriefs.

Purpose of the training

To help workshop participants learn how to better fulfill the Key Expectations they need to achieve by holding others accountable for results the positive, principled way.

Objectives of the Training
  • Successfully achieve individual and organizational Key Expectations by applying the Accountability Sequence® model.
  • Create positive accountability. Redefine accountability when it comes to holding others accountable as a positive, while providing a principled process for carrying out expectations.
  • Learn how to maximize the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of the common Accountability Styles.®
  • Master the sequence in the Outer Ring® for properly FORMing Key Expectations.
  • Learn to navigate the Inner Ring® and manage unmet expectations.
  • Practice the steps of the Accountability Conversation® to quickly identify the reasons for missed performance and the solutions for improved results for successful execution of key expectations.
  • Develop the ability to hold others accountable in a way that motivates and produces results.


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