CrimsonLogic is on a transformation journey. As a Singaporean IT company specializing in eGovt and Trade solutions, with a rich history of 28 years, past success may not necessarily guarantee future success. We needed to move the company from its comfort zone to a more agile enterprise, recognised for delivering quality solutions and services.
We looked to Glides to help us in the journey as Alex Butt and Henry Lee have a background in IT and deep experience in leadership development. At our first meeting, they asked the question: “Can you and your organization deliver the results you want in the next 3 to 5 years, if your team continue to think and act the same way?” That question led to several discussions on how Glides could partner with CrimsonLogic in our transformation journey. ‘Accountability’ was identified as a key area of focus. We started the engagement with the senior leadership team and Alex and Henry were very effective at bringing across the key concepts.

I personally would present you with distinctive star awards for your commitment to the CrimsonLogic transformation journey! – Sylvia Koh, Chief People Officer, Group HR

Encouraged with the experience, we extended the training to all people managers and key talents in the organisation. We now focus on ‘talking above the line’, instead of dwelling ‘below the line’. We continue to drive for a culture of accountability with a ‘see it, own it, solve it and do it’ attitude. The journey continues and we constantly remind ourselves to live the right values. It’s nearly two years since we first started on this journey with Alex and Henry and it has been a great partnership. They know how to ‘connect’ with my team and have a great way of helping each individual rediscover themselves. A true reflection of the Oz journey.

Mr Saw Ken Wye

CrimsonLogic | Founded in Singapore in 1988 | Delivers world-class eGovernment solutions that create value for citizens and businesses | 850 employees across the globe

Mr Michael Smith
Managing Director, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia

Randstad | founded in 1960| operates in 39 countries | represents more than 90 percent of the global HR services market | operating in Singapore since 1993

We first began working with Henry and Glides in January of 2015 – it was following an already strong year for us and we decided to continue to invest in our people and our business at a time of aspiration. In my first meeting with Henry, he asked me a very simple question: “Can you and your organisation achieve the results you need in 2015 based on the way your people currently think and act?”
Needless to say, that started a long and interesting conversation about Henry’s history in corporate organisations and his demonstrated experience in helping organisations increase accountability. We decided to embark on the first step of our accountability journey on January 14th 2015 and I have to say that the results have had a much more profound impact than I first thought possible – Henry’s digestable, interesting and well-presented content allowed each of my leadership team to find a way to connect with our organisation’s key results for 2015 and really own the part that they would play in it. More so this culture of accountability became infectious and quickly cascaded to other members of our staff, allowing us to exponentially improve our results.

I have to say that the results have had a much more profound impact than I first thought possible

We have since ran four workshops with Henry regionally and each time I walk away more convinced and impressed by Glides and the accountability framework. I thoroughly recommend Henry as a facilitator and would urge all those organisations who feel they can increase their level of accountability to speak with him.
PS. I just hope that none of my competitors read this!

Before we engaged with Glides Consulting Partners (now Culture Forte) on the Self Track Accountability Training®, we were concerned the training would be too basic for the country heads for the sales units. After Henry introduced the training to myself and our Area Director, and answered some of our questions, we were quite confident that the content of the training was very relevant to the culture change we wanted to drive in our company and Henry could engage the senior managers well.
We invited all the 11 country heads plus their most senior sales managers and some regional business development people into the training. These people are very senior in the organization and some have global and regional experience. It is a diverse group. Henry delivered the training to the whole group in a very interactive and engaging way. Participants felt inspired and motivated after the training. The delivery was received exceptionally well.

After the training, all participants agreed either certainly or completely that personal and organizational accountability drives organization results.

And they all went back to start the change from themselves. Some of the sales units have gone even further. They have approached Henry to either consider or conduct the same workshop to the next level of management.
The returns on investment of this training is worthwhile and we highly recommend this training and Henry to any other company who is interested in this.

Ms Helen Sun
HR Manager, Asia Pacific Region

SKF | leading global technology provider since 1907 with a worldwide staff of 48,593 | 140 sites in 32 countries and 18 technical centres | inaugurated in Singapore in 1973 | state-of-the art facility in Changi serves 22 countries

Tengku Nasariah Bt Tengku Syed Ibrahim (CEO/PETROSAINS)

PETROSAINS | wholly-owned subsidiary of Petronas | manages the visit operations of PETROSAINS The Science Discovery Centre and the world-renowned PETRONAS Twin Towers | staff strength 250

Petrosains Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS that manages the visit operations of two distinctive institutions in the nation   –    Petrosains, the Science Discovery Centre and the world-renowned PETRONAS Twin Towers. Petrosains, The Discovery Centre is a not-for-profit set up extending PETRONAS’ commitment as a socially responsible corporate citizen in providing a rich and stimulating environment aimed to enhance science literacy and passion for acquiring scientific knowledge; while the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers provides the world with a unique view of Malaysia through the vantage point of tourism.

As part of Petrosains transformation journey towards becoming an engaging ‘community hub’ for science education, it is vital for Petrosains to have the right culture that exemplifies a world-class work culture. We aspire to have a working culture that would stretch staff’s limit towards superior results with a deep sense of ownership and accountability. Our leaders have struggled to find a right model to drive the necessary culture change until we heard about ‘The Oz Principle’ concept that was introduced by Partners in Leadership.

The Oz Principle Self Track programme has provided us with the necessary tools and understanding of the Culture of Accountability eg. Above the Line, Steps to Accountability, Accountability Gaps, Results Pyramid.

“The new culture has enabled our company to be more aligned and riveted us on the targeted results.  In a simple and effective way, Henry Lee and Glides were great at helping us break down silos, get people communicating appropriately and focus everyone on the results.”

I am additionally extremely grateful that Henry has taken extra time out to help us after the course to keep me and the rest of the Management Team on track. Following the workshop, he conducted an Accountability Adoption session with our whole management team to evaluate and reflect on our Accountability journey. Henry continues to give me some extremely precious coffee time, whenever he is free in KL – giving me valuable personal coaching and tips when I share with him the problems of implementation.  He is passionate about helping us get the right culture for the sustainability of Petrosains.