Here is the schedule for our public workshops for 2019. Develop your people through our award-winning workshops, Accountability Builder and Leadership Builder; enhance teams and collaborate better through Colored Brain Communications; improve management capabilities through Coaching Conversations; support business growth with effective presentations and powerful narratives through Storytelling for Business Growth.

 Workshop*  Days    Fee Per Pax  Venue      Jan to Mar  2019  Apr to Jun  2019  Jul to Sep  2019  Oct to Dec  2019
Oz Principle Accountability Builder (formerly Self Track)

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1 $750 SIN 11 Apr (Thu) 18 Jul (Thu)

19 Sep (Thu)

Leadership Builder (formerly Others Track)

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1 $750 SIN 21 Mar (Thu) 23 Jul (Tue) 8 Oct (Tue)
Team Building through Colored Brain Communications

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1 $350 SIN 22 Mar (Fri) 14 May (Tue)

4 June (Tue)

19 Jul (Fri)

20 Sep (Fri)

15 Oct (Tue)

19 Nov (Tue)

Storytelling for Business Growth

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1 $500 SIN 16 Apr (Tue) 9 Oct (Wed)
Coaching Conversations

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1 $500 SIN 18 Apr (Thu) 10 Oct (Thu)


Notes and Terms and Conditions*

  1. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the workshop.
  2. Workshop registration closes a week before workshop date.
  3. Register now or email us at with the following information: Workshop and Date, Name, Email, Contact Telephone, Organization and Number of Participants (if coordinating for a group).
  4. Contact us at for Public Workshop for Small Group Preferential Rates
  5. Email us at to request for the course brochure
  6. Upon receipt of your registration, we will be in touch with you on the training and venue.